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Auxiliary equipment optimization

We help processes operate at their maximum performance through elimination of inefficiencies with no investment required.



On the path to continuous improvement

A set of tools specifically designed for an effective energy management and continuous energy consumption reduction.



Information for right decisions

We provide our clients with the information required to make decisions regarding investments on self-generation or energy-efficient equipment.


ISO 50001

Gestión Energética

Un enfoque estructurado para lograr una gestión de ahorros sostenible.

Industry Specialists

Destacado1aWe are industry specialists. Unlike generalist consultancies, we know industrial processes in detail and are able to provide tailor-made solutions every time.


destacado4aCognit also offers water management services, aiming to reduce water usage of its clients.


Destacado8Saving without investing - that's our objective. We can tipically achieve up to 15% savings without investing.


Independent Advice

destacado5aWe are completely independent. We don't sell equipment or services for third parties - our only objective is to help our clients save.

Six Sigma

Destacado4We use the Six Sigma toolbox to achieve maximum savings for our clients.



Expert Team

Destacado6aOur expert engineering consultants will bring the best solutions to your company.